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How Is The Grief Recovery Method Different From Traditional Grief Therapy?


I never shied away from getting support when I was struggling emotionally, and not a stranger to one-on-one therapy.When my husband died, I attended open grief support groups, closed support groups for those who lost a spouse, and one-on-one therapy with a grief therapist.

Every group I attended and every session I dragged myself to had its purpose and helped me along my grief journey. However, in my one-on-one therapy sessions with my grief therapist, at times I felt like a hamster running on a wheel; a continuous repetitive cycle with no tangible results in sight. My therapist was a master in their field, yet they were still married and could not relate to the depth of my grief and anguish of losing a spouse.

I then found the Grief Recovery Method Institute and the program it offered; and after taking the program, I eventually became an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist.

Here are five key differences between traditional grief one-on-one therapy and

The Grief Recovery Method Program.

  1. Every Grief Recovery Method Specialist has done the work themselves. Grief Recovery Method Specialists are a group of grievers for grievers; therefore, we wouldn’t expect you to do anything we haven’t done ourselves. As facilitators, we know the courage it takes to ask for help through our own experience.

  2. The Grief Recovery Method Program has a start and an end. Many traditional grief support groups and one-on-one therapy sessions offer a safe environment for a griever to talk about their feelings. Talking about your feelings can be greatly beneficial, but talking provides short-term relief. The Grief Recovery Method is designed to guide people in emotional pain through a series of actions to feel better.

  3. Another point is that grief is our only topic. Grief Recovery Method Specialists work with anyone grieving and affected by a loss. Grief is a normal and natural emotional reaction to loss. We understand that grief is about having a broken heart, but most of the tools people are taught to deal with grief are intellectual. It is important to note that The Grief Recovery Method Program is partially educational, and the solution is emotional.

  4. One of the most significant differences is that the Grief Recovery Method does not separate people by the type of loss they have experienced. Everyone is welcome no matter why their heart is broken, regardless of the loss. That may sound absurd since it’s not how most grief support groups work.

  5. Lastly, The Grief Recovery Method is the only grief support program with the distinction of being Evidence-Based and effective. The Researchers at Kent State found that The Grief Recovery Method goes beyond a “best practice” or “promising approach” in dealing with the emotional pain of loss. Meaning, there is high confidence that those who follow the Grief Recovery Method Action Plan can find happiness in their lives despite the loss they suffered.

The Grief Recovery Method is a universal solution that will work for anyone willing to do the work. So, if you were wondering how the Grief Recovery Method is different from traditional one-on-one therapy, now you know!

The Grief Recovery Method is an action-based methodology and evidence-based program that gently guides you through the necessary steps to heal your emotional pain. These strategic steps give you the tools to not only heal you from your grief, but assist you in your future losses.

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