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Will This Pain Ever Go Away?

I remember asking this question when my husband died. Most people responded by saying that “I will always bear this pain. The new life I am now living will adapt to the heart-wrenching pain. It will lessen in time, but it will never go away.” Not very comforting.

So listening to friends, family and society, I endured the pain and at times made unhealthy choices to numb my discomfort, to ease my heartache. My grief was at times crippling and debilitating. I pushed through the pain and suffering because, in time, I was advised by many, I would feel better. In time, the pain would lessen. So I continued to live with and ride the waves of my intense emotions.

Many deem grief as a chronic condition, causing a consistent aching pain that filters into every crevice of your daily life, with NO possibility to heal because to heal, would be unfathomable.

While there is no denying death or significant loss changes you, to say that it is impossible to heal from the life-altering emotional pain caused by grief is untrue.

Healing from grief and loss is possible.

Healing does not mean you will not have sad moments, and to heal does not mean you will forget your loved ones or that you will stop missing them. When you heal and recover from your emotional pain and complete what is emotionally unfinished, you carry your grief differently.

Allow yourself to heal and grieve. It is possible.

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