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Grief and The Queen

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II and her state funeral were televised throughout the globe in all their magnificence and grandeur.

Grief and loss are not usually displayed in this magnitude nor so public, but it was a time when we were allowed to express our farewell and thank you. To talk about fond memories and to show our respect and admiration for a public figure who graced the world and monarchy for a 70-year reign.

As the cameras panned the crowds of millions, we connected with the faces of loss. A collective emotional experience of grieving a person we may never have met but somehow felt we knew. We all grieve. We all lose a loved one. Perhaps Her Royal Majesty's death evoked a sombre melancholy within you, or it may have triggered something greater.

Life doesn't prepare us for death. We know it is a natural part of life, yet when the passing of a loved one happens, even a famous individual we experience uncomfortable and unfamiliar emotions and behaviours so foreign.

We may have learned that even though death is a normal and natural part of life, we should grieve in silence, hide our emotions, keep busy and not talk about our feelings. What we have learned in our lifetime about loss needs to be unlearned.

The Grief Recovery Method helped me 'unlearn' what I have been told about loss and helped me turn excruciating pain and anguish into a sadness that I can manage; to grieve more healthily. There are many ways to help you through grief and loss. Perhaps it's time to learn more about The Grief Recovery Method.

The Grief Recovery Method is an action-based methodology and evidence-based program that gently guides you through the necessary steps to heal your emotional pain. These strategic steps give you the tools to not only heal you from your grief, but assist you in your future losses.

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