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Blessed Christmas

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

For those grieving a loved one this Christmas, it may not be "Merry" or "Happy." So I will not wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas.

What I will wish you is a Blessed one.

May you remember the Blessings you bestowed on your loved one.

*When you smiled, the brilliance of your smile lit up the heart of your loved one like a Christmas tree.

*When you laughed, it warmed their heart like the brilliant flame of a fire from the fireplace where the stockings now hang.

*When you held them in a warm embrace, they felt safe, as if an angel's wing wrapped them in a protective shield of love.

*And when you loved them, you loved them like the Magic & Miracle of Christmas.

My dear, you were always your loved one's blessing, at Christmas time and every other day of the year. Not only did they bless your life with their love, BUT you blessed them with yours.

Continue sharing your blessed gifts with others this holiday season. But most importantly, bestow a gentle smile, heartfelt laughter and a warm embrace to yourself because even though you may not feel like it as you travel on your grief journey - YOU are a blessing. And a blessing to many.

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